Francesco Geminiani Thematic Catalogue


This online version of the Francesco Geminiani Thematic Catalogue is intended as a searchable companion to the printed version, which will form Volume 17 of the Francesco Geminiani Opera Omnia and include incipits.
Works are arranged in order of ascending H. number:

  Instrumental Works H. 1 –
  Keyboard Works H. 200 –
  Vocal Works H. 300 –
  Treatises and Didactic Works H. 400 –

A new H. number is given to all variants that involve substantial additions or changes to the original version: for example, Op. 1/1 is H. 1 in its original 1716 version, H. 13 in its 1739 revision, H. 25 in its trio arrangement, and H. 37 as a concerto. Simple substitution or elimination of parts will be noted under the main entry: for example, the substitution of flutes in Op. 2.

Scroll through the complete list or search to find a particular work, and click on its title for full details, which make use of the following conventions:

1/2/3 Opus 1, Sonata (or Concerto or Example) 2, movement 3
=1/2/3 Arrangement of Op. 1/2/3

N.B. The Art of Playing on the Violin Op. 9 contains 24 Examples (Op. 9/1-24) followed by 12 Compositions (Op. 9/25-36).

Date The publication date unless otherwise indicated (a work was not necessarily published in the year stated on its title-page).
Key A = A major    a = A minor

The following abbreviations are used, in combination with 1, 2, C (Concertino) and R (Ripieno) as appropriate: for example, V1C = Violino 1 Concertino.

B Basso (Continuo) Tr Trumpet Not abbreviated:
Bsn Bassoon V Violin Guitar
Fl Flute Va Viola Keyboard/Organ
Hn Horn Vc Cello Voice
Sources (printed) PN can be either plate number or publisher's number.
Advertisements References are to advertisements which appear in full in the Francesco Geminiani Newspaper References.

The opening theme represented numerically by degrees of the scale, 1-7, for the purposes of searching; see "Search Help" on the Advanced Search page for further instructions.

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